Dr. Jeevani Hasantha

A jewel to the nation.

Dr. Jeevani is the Chairperson of Sajeevi Healing Home and Hospital (Pvt) Ltd. With Post Graduate (Doctorate) qualifications in Homeopathy (HMD) from The British Institute of Homeopathy, she engages herself in research projects on Homeopathy and treats patients for all mental and physical ailments producing miraculous cures. She is a psychological counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, a qualified, experienced Homoeopathic practitioner (Reg.  No. 1069), and a Reiki/Pranic/Seichem practitioner. She has introduced POWER FLOWER - a natural rejuvenating vitamin made of natural flower remedy combinations by Sajeevi Healing Home.

She is a professional counselor who is an associate member of Sri Lanka Institute of Professional Counselors (Reg No. 2001/339). Jeevani is also the president of the Sri Lanka National Homoeopathic Practitioners Association, a life member of Sri Lanka Environmental Journalist Forum (SLEJF) and an all island JP.


She is a graduate of science from the University of Peradeniya. After graduation, she taught Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry to Advanced Level students as a science teacher. Thereafter she joined the department of agriculture as a Research Officer and worked in the research division for a period of five years. Since leaving the Department of Agriculture, she followed a course on Journalism (University of Colombo), which led to a Diploma, and this facilitated her to be a free-lance journalist. She also completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science (University of Colombo), a Diploma in Psychiatry, a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, and a certificate course in NLP.


During the past few years, she has contributed over 1,000 articles in English and Sinhala to newspapers in Sri Lanka, covering varied subjects, with her wide and varied experiences and travel in Australia and Asia. She has written over 60 books which include several novels, 10 children's stories, 1 short story, 4 poetry books, 10 cookery books, 10 psychology and 10 Homoeopathy books and books on other subjects, 20 of which have won awards at various competitions.


Jeevani has participated in TV programs such as ‘Vaidya Hamuwa’, ‘Subha Dawasak’, ‘Jeevithaya Sundarai’, 'Neerogya', 'Obai Manasai', ‘Athishayin Wedihitiyanta Pamanai’ (TNL), ‘Sithmal Suwanda’ (Buddhist TV), ‘Doramadalawa’ and ‘Geheniya’ (ITN), ‘Nugasevana,’ ‘Three to Five,’ and ‘Suba Udasanak’ (Rupavahini), ‘Kedapatha,’ and ‘Arunodaya-Pothwatha’ (Swarnawahini), ‘Bookmark,’ ‘Sandella,’ and ‘Jeevithayata Idademu’ (Sirasa TV) etc.  She has also participated in radio discussions on SLBC, Tharu FM, Sirasa FM, Sinha FM and Lakhanda. Interview topics ranged from Homoeopathy, Psychological Counseling, Hypnotherapy, beauty and health, to various social issues. She lectures on mind body healing techniques at Kumbuka PSD police officers as a guest lecturer.


She has won many coveted prestigious awards such as the Jeevanashuri Award by Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization, Janasewa Award from all religious leaders for performing social services to the Sri Lankan community, Waidyavidya Keerthi Deshabandu Award for curing incurable diseases, Mass Communications (MACO) Award for achievements in journalism for 20 years.



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