Dr. Jeevani Hasantha

Prolific Achiever.



- Written over five hundred articles to leading newspapers in English and Sinhala on varied subjects such as environment, science, health, fitness, social values etc. to inform and educate the general public.


- Photographs I have taken have been exhibited at several exhibitions and one of them won a diploma certificate at an exhibition held by the Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists' Forum recently.  


- Her poems written in English and Sinhala have been published in newspapers and a few songs written by me have been selected by leading singers for their latest recordings.


- "Puthuta Duwata Kavi" a poetry book written by me coupled with several drawings is to be published shortly.


- Several books written by Jeevani have won certificates from "Sri Lanka Lama Grantha Paryeshana Manadalaya". They are "Hanatane Mal Suwandak", "Elawalu Ragina", "Pin Pav", "Sihina Pathuma", "Ape Bale", and "Nivadu Kale". I won 3 certificates from "Colamba Lama Poth Sangamaya" for "Dusirithe Avatharaya", "Punchi Apata Kavi Sindu" and "Heta Payana Hiru".


- Won a distinction pass at the diploma course in computer applications, conducted by DP Aides.


- Written scripts for a three episode documentary, "Hantane Taksalawa" to Rupavahini in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the University of Peradeniya.


- Written original science fictions to "Viduasra".


- Conducting MAX TV programmes as a psychological motivational counselor every week for a period of one our during 2009 November to present.


- Participating in TV and radio discussions on mind body health on prominent media stations.


- Over 1,000 patient testimonials have been received over a period of 10 years from patients who have been successfully cured from Cancer, Arthritis, skin diseases, psychological disorders and many diseases labeled as ‘incurable’


- Written lyrics for 17 Sinhala songs sung by eminent singers in Sri Lanka.


- Conducted public lectures at “dahampasal” and opening ceremonies; given a series of lectures to police officers at Kumbuka Police School (Presidents Security Division) and Kotuwa main PSD office as a guest lecturer.


- Worked as one of the eight members in the TV programme reviewing board at ITN.


- Participated in several tsunamis trauma relief campaigns conducted by Dr. Lakshman Weerasena as a psychotherapist in Seenigama, down south and Batticaloa.





- Janasewa Award from all religious leaders for performing social services to the Sri Lankan community


- Won Jeevanashuri Award for writing books on most varied subjects in Sri Lanka


- Won Waidyavidya Keerthi Deshabandu Award for curing incurable diseases


- Mass Communications (MACO) Award for achievements in journalism for 20 years


- Certificates received from "Sri Lanka Lama Grantha Prakashana Mandalaya" for six published books (one novel and five children's stories).


- Won 3 certificates for 2 childrens poetry books and one juvenile literature book "Dusirithe Avatara" for World's Children's Book Day from "Kolamba Lama Poth Sangamaya".


- Won the best project report award for the thesis written to obtain the Diploma in Finishing and Grooming from the Nedisa Finishing School. This thesis was later published as a book "Be a Beauty".


- Won a Certificate from OCIC for the short film 'Hands', in 1990


- Doctorate in Mind Body Medicine


- Scholarship to Vienna while working in the Department of Agriculture


- Distinction pass for the Diploma in Computer Applications


- Member of National Photographic Art Society


- Member of Sri Lanka Environment Journalists' Forum


- Science Fiction Writer, Script Writer, Film Critic, Presenter, Poet, lyrics writer

Curriculum Vitae Certs



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