Dr. Jeevani Hasantha

Writer of the most varied subjects in Sri Lanka.

"Hantane Mal Suwandak" : A novel for teenagers on the student life of the University of Peradeniya. Good and bad experiences, gained while studying and staying in this beautiful environment is described in detail. The story revolves around a female student, "Samanthi" and written in simple language. - By "Lassana"Publishers.


"Be a Beauty" : A guide for a modern girl to be smart and beautiful in the modern society. - By "Lassana"Publishers.


“Be Beautiful” Physically, Mentally, Spiritually – By Stamford Lake Publishers


“Ran Tharukawak Wanna” a book of advice for women – By Thusitha Publishers


"Elawalu Ragina" : Children's book to educate them on the types of vegetables and their

nutritive values. - By "Malpiyali" Publishers.


"Sihina Pathuma" : Children's story on environmental issues, describes how a small boy, Saman gets a politician to fulfil the ambitions of his colleagues, who organise an environmental protection campaign. - By "Malpiyali" Publishers.


"Pin Pav" : A small girl learns the meanings of merits and demerits when she visited the Galle Face Green on a full moon day. - By "Malpiyali" Publishers.


"Nivadu Kale" : A teenage girl visits the grandmother during her school vacation. There she learns from her grandmother, what a girl of her age should learn to be a better person in the society. - By "Melani" Publishers.


"Ape Bale" : A very dramatic story of a fight between the internal organs of a small girl who likes to eat only sweets and chocolates. When the organs are malnourished due to lack of proper nutrition, they strike and the girl has to suffer. Finally, she learns the importance of a balanced diet. - By "Melani" Publishers.


"Sudu Poosy" : A story based on a psychological phenomenon. A boy becomes very stubborn due to lack of attention from his parents, after a new-born sister comes between them. But he becomes a very loveable and a talented one, after he started raring a stray cat. - By "Melani" Publishers.


"Roomath Bave Rahasa" : A Sinhala book covering on all aspects of beauty and health. - By M.D.Gunasena Ltd.


"Vegetarian Cookery" : Over hundred vegetarian recipe collection. - By "Sarasavi" Book Publishers.


"Elavalu kema" : Over hundred vegetarian recipe collection. - By "Gunasena" Book Publishers.


"Heladiwa Supa Sasthraya" : Recipe book by "Heladiwa Publishers".


"Dusirithe Avatara" : Juvenile literature book. - By "Gunasiri" Publishers.


"Katata Rasata Ruwata Gunata" : Recipe book - By "Sara" Publishers.


"Cheers, Tears and Fears" : A poetry collection.


"Viduasin Watapitawa": Collection of science and environmental articles.


“Dhambadiva Charika” :Tour notes on India- By “Stamford Lake” Publishers


“Exciting Microwave Recipes” : Recipe book- By “Stamford Lake” Publishers


“Conquering Cancer” : Medical Science book- By “Stamford Lake” Publsihers


“Vasangathaya” :Science fiction book- By “Sadeepa” Publishers


“Jeevithayata Sahan Eliyak” : Buddhist Psychology book- Published by “Buddhist Cultural Centre”


“Preethimath Jeevithayakata Maga” – Published by “M.D. Gunasena” Publishers


"Sindu Kiyamn den"- Children's Poetry– By “Ratna Publishers”


“Minis Manasa Saha Mano Vidyawa” : Psychology book- published by “Tharaka Publishers”


"Punchi Apata Kavi Sindu": Children's Poetry– By “Ratna Publishers”


"Punchi Sithe Punchi Sina": Children's story– By “Ratna Publishers”


“Ape Manasa Therum Ganimu”, “Manasika Roga Athiwanne Keseda?” , “Lamaya Handuna Ganimu”, “Jeeva Mano Vidyawa”, “Sandak Wela Aa Sanda” – By “Ratna Publishers”

“Sithai Obai Vishwayai” Psychology book - by Stamford Lake Publishers


“Mano Vidya Upadeshanaya” Psychology book  - by Sadeepa Publishers


“SonduruYawaniyaka” : book for women- by “Sarasavi Publishers”


“Food For All”, “Party Time Dishes”, “Sada Walata Rasa Kema”: Cookery books- By “Thusitha Publishers”


“Homoeopathy Yanu Kumakda”, “Haeniman Waidya Vidya Muladarma” , “Homoeopathy Waidya Vidya Muladarma”, “Pataka Lawana tholaha” , “Haeniman Dharshanaya” : Homoeopathic Literature- By “Ariya Publishers”


“Heta Payana Hiru”: Collection of poetry.


“Sahan Duthikavi” Counselling novel – by Sandakada Publishers


“Sith Dahara” poetry book published - by Sandakada Publishers


“The Pleasant Invasion” (Translation of “Sandak Wela Aa Sanda” by Rohini Wijesoriya) – Published by Stamford Lake Publishers


“Tharunya Raka Gamu” (Translation of “Be Beautiful” by Rohini Wijesoriya) – Published by Wijesooriya Publishers


“Vismitha Kundalini Shaktiya” Translation of The Mysterious Kundalini – Published by Jeevana Publishers


“Sonduru Diviyata Sarala Piliyam” – Published by Jeevana Publishers


“Himala Wanaye Thawuseku Wee” Translation of Living With the Himalayan Masters (Swami Rama) – Published by Jeevana Publishers


“Jeevithaya Matha Divena Jeevithaya”- Published by Jeevana Publishers


“Puthuta Duwata Kavi,” “Jeevithaya Matha Divena Jeewithaya” (psychological book), “Sitha Suwapath Kireeme Mangpeth” ( psychological counseling book),“Be Beautiful” ( health and beauty book)


"Vinashayak Saha Jayagrahanayak" : Serialised in "Vidusara" in 1996. A story of a Sri Lankan who created a destructive computer virus and introduced the same to computers world-wide against non-recognition of his work.


"Wasangathaya" : Currently being serialised in "Vidusara". Leakage of radioactive material in a power generation plant situated in a small island in the south coast of Sri Lanka severely attacks the nation with radioactivity.


Other Paper Articles : A series of articles have been written on environment, science, health, social issues, film criticisms, arts and culture to leading Sinhala and English newspapers. Poems in English and Sinhala have been published in "Daily News", "Sunday Divaina" and "Sunday Times".

Articles published in magazines:


-One of my novels written on Homeopathy is being serialized in "Vaidyawaraya" published by       ICMS.

- Another one of my novels written on Psychology is being serialized in "Vaidyawaraya" published by       ICMS


Articles have been written and published for the following magazines:


- “Vihiduma,” "Style," "Sadisi" magazine published by the Film Cooperation, "Satyn," "Ae," "Vandana," "Sri," a series of weekly psychological articles in ‘Sampatha’ astrology paper.




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MUSIC  CD Tracks (Lyrics by Jeevani)

1. Geethayata Mang Adarei 2. Homoeopathy Song 3. Wana Arane 4. Heta Peedena Lowa 5. Daraganu Kese 6. Hiru Basa Hangenawa 10. Huru Purudu Sayanayada 11. Sebalanane 12. Rama Seetha 7. Hiru Gilila 8. Hiru Uda Wana Thura 9. Huru Purudu Suwandai 13. Nidahasado Labanu Bari 14. Kopi Mal Sina 15. Lowa Athi Sama Suwayak 16. Ran Kooduwe 17. Wasanthaye Dangakara